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Glee Gum Review and Giveaway

Glee Gum. Just the name sounds fun! But there is more to it than just gum! It is an All natural Gum made with sustainably harvested rain forest chicle.
Sure, you can get it ready to chew but you can also get the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit! You can also get Make Your Own Gummies Kit and Make Your Own Chocolate Kit! Talk about good fun!

When It came time for me to decide which one we wanted to try, I let my 4 year old daughter pick out which one she wanted to try. It really surprised me that she chose the Gum (she is a huge Chocolate freak just like her momma!

Last Christmas 

But she Decided that the gum would be great fun and she was right! When we opened the box it had a few different samples of the ready to chew gum.

Glee Gum Kit

I must say, it was very good! Even my husband liked it! I really enjoyed making it with my little girl, spending the time with her and letting her choose the flavors. It was very simple to do too. You just soften the chicle gum base (we used the stove top. I'm not a huge fan of the microwave.) Then I let sprinkle the sugar on the table and add the corn syrup. She did a great job when it came time to knead it too! We made part of it in the Cherry flavor but didn't use the Cinnamon (i don't much like Cinnamon flavor) We used some Jello mix to make our own flavors. To our surprise, it came out very good! My favorite flavor is strawberry so we did that one (its the only flavor we had! HA!)  Macayla really liked that she could do most of this, with my help of course! 
They have some wonderful suggestions for the kits such as using it at a Birthday Party.  

Cant wait to try it? You can visit Glee Gum  To order your own kit, or ready made products. You can also find a store near you that sells Glee Gum.

Win it! One lucky person is going to Win their choice of Make your own kit! You can choose from Chocolate, Gummies, or Gum! Want to know how to win? Ok!

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Go to the Glee Gum Site and Tell me something you learned and what kit you would like if you win. (leave one comment.)

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Disclosure* I received my choice of Make your Own Candy Kit in order to do this review. I was not paid to do this post. All opinions are 100% mine and not edited by the company. Please visit my Disclosure page for more information.

NOTE-Individual results may vary. Do not leave unattended while heating. Please make sure to stay with your child as you are making this product. Do not leave small children unattended while chewing gum or eating Gummies to avoid choking.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaways and visited my site! The 2 Giveaways that just ended were very exciting for me to host on my site because they are things that I already love and couldn't wait to share with you! I will be having some more very exciting giveaways coming up here in the next few days so please make sure to keep checking back and telling your friends!

Here are the winners from the Ritter Sport Giveaway.
Each winner will get a box of assorted flavors (84ct)
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Here are the 2 winners from the Protect-a-Bed Luxury Pillow System Giveaway:

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Congrats! an email has been sent to my winners!

*NOTE* as you can see, I have included a time stamp of the random number page along with a link to the page that the numbers are from. Just in case! ;)

Ritter Sport German Chocolate- Review and Giveaway 4 winners!


Yeah, That about says it all. Well It would but this stuff I'm talking about is hands down, 100%, No Lie, The BEST darn Chocolate I have ever put in my mouth. I'm talking May The Good Lord strike me down now If I'm lying. OK good. I'm still here. See? Still here. I tell you people the truth!

And just what is this super amazing wonderful stuff I am talking about? RITTER SPORT! . Oh yeah baby. It is the STUFF!!! So here is the deal, I'm a bit of a chocolate freak. I have it hidden in every room of my house. Just not the bathroom. That's just nasty. Anyway, if anyone ever needs just a little sweet snack, I have you covered. 

Let me start at the beginning. 

I grew up living with my grandparents,(my Oma and Opa). My dear Grandmother Passed away in 2001. She had Lupus too. (That stuff, It sucks!!) Anyway, we did not eat much American food. German, Irish, Italian, Yes. American, No. I can't remember the first time I had  Ritter Sport but I do remember the first time I bought it for myself. I was 17 and went to New Mexico to help watch my young cousins who lived on an Air Force Base in Alamagordo. (spell check says I didnt spell that right but I'm not sure How to spell that. Oh well. its been 11 years!) anyway, I wound up watching like 7 kids that summer. I was supposed to be there for 6 weeks but Sweet Lord! I so couldnt handle that. My Mom and Dad came to get me like 1 or 2 weeks early. But I digress! While I was there, I went in one of the shops on base (It was a combo of American and German Military) I went down the Candy isle. Like always! I saw this Chocolate and Thought It looked familiar. I'm one to try odd products. Ask my Husband. LOL! I saw the Yogurt filled Chocolate and was like "Heck Yeah!" I bought 5 bars I think. I also remember that it lasted all of 2 days. 

I think I spent at least 50% of the money I made that summer on Ritter Sport Chocolate. I went about 6 years without having anymore untill I found this little German shop. I bought every single Yogurt bar. I'm not kidding. Santa Brought my 4 year old 12 bars for Christmas. The sad part is, its really for me! 
Ritter Sport is a great Company. Here is a quote from the website. NOTE: I totally agree with everything you are about to read. 

"Ritter Sport is the square chocolate with a difference: Quality. Chocolate. Squared. Founded in 1912 by Alfred and Clara Ritter in Waldenbuch, Germany, the Ritter family is dedicated to producing the finest quality chocolate from the best ingredients in the world. Its iconic square shape and colorful, snap-open package symbolize Ritter Sport’s commitment to its customers, quality and innovation. All of the 13 chocolate masses are expertly blended to complement the hand-selected ingredients featured in each variety. True to its family roots, every cocoa mass and ingredient undergoes rigorous quality control testing.

With Alfred T. Ritter, grandson of Alfred and Clara, now at the helm, Ritter Sport has further increased its commitment to the environment. In 1996 Ritter Sport became the first company in the confectionary industry to organize environmental protection systems at the company level. Ritter Sport’s environmental initiatives include promoting sustainable cacao agroforestry through its “Commitment Nicaragua” project, its own combined heating and power station, and, of course, Ritter Sport’s fully-recyclable, single-layer polypropylene packaging."

They care about the earth. I think that most companies do now but they did back when the laws were not in place for "green".  

Please visit their page  to learn more about them. It's a great family business. 

Guess what!?!?!?! They are so great, They are going to give 4, yes 4 of my readers a great prize! Want to know what it is???? NO? ok. I wont tell you. 

Kidding! Each of the 4 winners will win a sampler box of assorted flavors of chocolate. Each box contains 84 mini bars. I'm jealous! 

Here is how to win that HUGE box!
Mandatory Entry: Visit the Ritter Sport  page and tell me something you learned in a comment.

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This Giveaway will end on 1/10/11 at 11:59 pm CST. 4 Winners will  be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond or the prize will go to someone else. If you feel you have won and not seen an email please check your junk or spam folder. 

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received some products from Ritter Sport in order to do this review. I have years of experience in eating this chocolate so that was a huge bonus. I was in no way compensated for this post other than stated above. All opinions are my own. Please note: This product may contain nuts. for more Information, Please visit my Disclaimer page. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Toys! Site Review

There are so many places that you can find to buy toys. So many in fact that it can be so very overwhelming! I know exactly how that feels. Sure, you could type in an age group of toys to search for or even a type of toy. But lets be real, Amazon, Sears, or some other huge name will more often than not come up first.

I have found the answer! is a great place to find your kids toys. It is so easy to navigate and search for toys for your  one year old , toys for your two year old and even baby toys.

They make it so easy to find just what you need by giving you the option of viewing toys for boys, girls, or top sellers. If you are looking for just the right toy(s) for your little one or even a birthday gift for a friend/family member's child, I really think you will love this site! The toys are picked by other moms so you know that they are going to be loved by all!

Visit the site and leave me a comment about what you like or don't like about it!