About Me

This is just a little about me. As I write more, you will learn about my super crazy life! 
First of all, My name is Elizabeth. I married my wonderful Husband on September 30, 2000 so we are coming up on our 10 year anniversary! I met my great man when I was 16 years old on my first visit to my church. He took me for my Permit test and helped my dad teach me to drive. (brave men, the both of them!) We got married when I was 18, just a few months after I graduated High School. He had just finished College. 

We Bough our Farm about 6 or 7 years ago and raise chickens. 9 Chicken houses to be exact. Its so much work but it is what my Dear Husband has always wanted to do. Be a farmer, that is. Yes we have tons of land, and Yes he works at home. But its not all that easy! We don't go on vacation when we want. We don't go out to eat when we want. Nothing! Agh! To be at the mercy of some little clucking animals and To have to schedule around them gets old! But, The great thing is we have something to give our children later in life. Yep! you guessed it! Land to live on, and a Business to run!

About those Children! We had our first Child in April 2006. Her name is Macayla Grace and is a spunky, silly, wound up, monkey! Blond hair, ice blue eyes and brain that is well beyond her 4 years! And then there is Mason Samuel. I had him just this past April. He is our Bright eyed (blue as well thanks to my husband) Dimpled cheeked, Smiling little man! He is always happy and has this huge smile that lights up those sweet eyes! Too bad the stinker doesn't like to sleep!

Thats my family! I will be posting "random" things in the future about them. Macayla is always saying and doing something to make me laugh until I snort! 

Thanks for visiting my site! Its still new but leave me a comment. Let me know something about you! Let me know some things you would like to see reviews about or if you have any questions, let me know! If i cant answer them, Im sure I know someone here that can!