Friday, November 26, 2010

$75 Sears Gift Card Giveaway

Today, The Sears HTS Blog Listed me as their feature Blogger on their site! Please check out the post Here on their site and also Here on my site. That is so exciting for me! Sears HTS is Going to give one lucky reader a $75 Gift Card! I know that it will be a Huge help for Christmas shopping!

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This Giveaway will end on 12/6 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be chosen using

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to host this giveaway. Sears is sponsoring this giveaway because I was chosen to be a featured blogger on their Hometown Blog. Please visit my Disclosure page for more information.

Washer and Dryer Running Away?

Kids. Kids and sports. Kids, Husbands, and Sports. That is a combination that can make my washer and dryer want to sprout legs and RUN away! That and my husbands farm work! Think about it, kids already know how to get into every kind of mess there is and when you add sports to it, thats where you get the biggest mess!

Softball takes a huge toll on a Washer. You have that red clay dirt and those grass stains! I swear, I figure i'll never get that stuff out!
 If your like me, then you need to visit Sears appliance showroom! You know Sears! They always have the top of the line....Everything!

Sears also has a huge selection of washers and dryers that will meet every budget! Just think, your Child has this huge tournament, Double Elimination and all that. Those kids play their heart out sliding to catch every ball or to beat the odds and make it to that home plate. I mean sweat, dirt, grass and who knows what else is ground into their what was once pristine white pants! Now how in the world are you, Mom, going to get those clothes back to a presentable state for when they go to the "last team standing" game!

Well, you make sure that you have an amazing laundry system to back you up! And you know you start at SEARS! It dosent matter if its your local hometown store or the online store, you will get great customer service, and a really good deal. Almost as if you had a family member working there! 

I have bought 2 Washers and 2 dryers from sears over the last 10 Years. No, nothing was wrong with the first set. We just moved and I thought it was a perfect time to get a new set. Hubby and I were both happy, I got a new washer/dryer, and He saved TONS of dough!

To get the best deals around, Just visit and pick out your favorite color and style of Washer and Dryer. Order it online or at your Hometown Showroom. I bet you will be surprised at how stylish they are and just maybe, It will make you feel that much better about keeping your athlete's clothes looking new!


A Note About Me: My name is Elizabeth and I live in North Alabama with my husband of 10 years, My 4 year old daughter and 6 month old son. We own and operate a large working poultry farm and Love every minute of it! Visit me on my blog Mommy Reviews where I do Honest and Real Product Reviews and Giveaways for "everything a mom needs".

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Getting ready for Thanksgiving to me means planning the family meal, getting the house ready for decorating, and planning for BLACK FRIDAY! I love Black Friday! I usually go to the same stores but only plan to shop at one or 2. The other stores, such as Wal-Mart, the only reason I go to those stores is to "people" watch. And If I happen to be lucky enough to get a good deal then WOO-HOO!

I do try and make an action plan before I go. I tried a few years to just kinda go with the flow and see what I get and where I go but that never worked out so well. You know, Look at the ads, go to the stores web sites and also visit Consumer Search. Consumer Search is an award-winning Web site that helps consumers make informed shopping decisions. They analyze a mix of expert and user-generated product reviews and recommend the best products to buy based on their findings.

Here are a few things I do to get ready for the start of the Holiday shopping season, (AKA: Black Friday) As well as tips from Christine Frietchen, ConsumerSearch’s editor-in-chief from

  1. This is one that both Christine and I agree on:  Do your homework, many Black Friday circulars are leaked early online. will be analyzing leaked circulars from Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Lowes and more on our Productopia blog.  Some so-called door buster Black Friday deals aren’t worth getting in line early.
  2.  Check on the current price of Black Friday sale items. Sales circulars often tout “a $50 savings” but that’s off of the MSRP. The savings off the street price is usually much less dramatic. We found lots of items selling for the same or less right now – no waiting, no lines. Example: you can find some Items on for less than the black Friday in store prices at other stores. And you can already Shop the Black Friday prices Now!
  3. Check for reviews. Try, we analyze the best editorial and user reviews to create an easy-to-read report to make sure you love what you buy- we do all the research so you don’t have to.  You can also try a Google search for PRODUCT + Reviews. Also look at the store’s site, since most retailers allow customers to post reviews. Dont forget to check out your favorite review sites! You know you will always get a well thought out, Honest review. At times, A person who works for the company or store will go and write their own fake reviews just to get the ratings up. I have seen this on all types of Items but mostly on Phone applications. If your in doubt, Just ask your friends!
  4. See if there’s something better. We found this to be especially true with cameras and GPS: The product might be a good deal, and might even get decent reviews, but a much better product often costs the same or only $5 or $10 more for a much better gadget. Hey, just because its on sale on Black Friday dosen't mean that its the best one for the price out there. It just goes back to doing your homework. 
  5.  Set a spending limit. Leave the credit cards at home and bring cash so you HAVE to stick to your budget.  Don’t go shopping with your “spendy” sister or friend who tends to get caught up in the Black Friday excitement. You Really do need to stick yo your guns here. If you dont you are going to be like me about 6 years ago. Oh man its kinda funny. I go to get just some trees and decorations or whatever. I have NO plan. I didn't look at an add. I just GO! I had by best friend with me. She parked our Shopping cart in a strategic central location and I would weave my way in and out of the crowd and just Grabbed stuff! (She did have to go get the tree for me. I'm kinda a weenie). We had an amazing crazy fun time but I think we spent like $300 when I really didnt need all the stuff. 
I hope you all take the time and spend it with the family tomorrow. Thats what its all about really. Please be Careful when you are out on Friday. You know, Crazy people and all! 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Be truly Thankful for all you have.

I do love each and every one of you and I want you to know that I am Thankful for you all. 

With much LOVE,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caress Whipped Souffle Review and Giveaway Ends 11/19

This Giveaway now has a winner! Congrats to Barbara who said:
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Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Keep watch because I have a huge "blog event" comming up with lots of giveaways!

Ok my dears, this is the first post using my new laptop! I'm so happy to have a computer that i can use for more than 20 min without it freezing up on me! To Celebrate, I have a few giveaways to get to! Here goes the first one!

Caress was so kind to provide me with my choice of the New Whipped Souffle body wash! I chose to try the Peach and it smells so good! I have always loved using Caress Products so I knew this would be great too.
The different thing about the Whipped Souffle is that you can feel the softness just sinking into your skin. You know that it isnt going to wash away when you rinse the soap off your body either. The smell is wonderful too. The Whipped Souffle comes in White Peach and Silk Blossom and Blackberry and Vanilla. Caress uses the new Unique Silky Fragrance Infusion to deliver the best experience possible.

I Couldn't pull a picture off their site to put on here but trust me, the packaging is so nice! Caress will also be offering a beautiful gift pack just in time for the Holidays! You can find them at major Retailers such as

This is one of the items I am adding into my "Must Give" Holiday Gift List!

Win it!  

One lucky reader will win a bottle of body wash and 1 (one) Beauty bar! 

*please leave a separate comment along with your email and/or Twitter id for each entry. 
* will be the program I use to choose the winner.
*The winner will be e-mailed and will have 48 hrs to respond or another winner will be picked. 
*PLEASE do not enter unless you want to win. I have had to choose an alternate winner on almost all my giveaways due to the first winner not resopnding to any emails or twitter messages I have sent. 
*If you think you may have won and don't see an email from me, check your junk mail or go ahead and add my email to your address book: mgmommy0930{at}yahoo{dot}com. 

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

This Giveaway will end on 11/19.

This entry is mandatory and must be done before any other entries will count!
1) Tell me what your favorite Bath product is! Don't Worry, It dosen't have to be by Caress!

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Disclaimer- Caress supplied me with one of the discussed items in order for me to do this review. I have in no other way been compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and this post has in no way been reviewed or altered by said company.