Friday, November 26, 2010

Washer and Dryer Running Away?

Kids. Kids and sports. Kids, Husbands, and Sports. That is a combination that can make my washer and dryer want to sprout legs and RUN away! That and my husbands farm work! Think about it, kids already know how to get into every kind of mess there is and when you add sports to it, thats where you get the biggest mess!

Softball takes a huge toll on a Washer. You have that red clay dirt and those grass stains! I swear, I figure i'll never get that stuff out!
 If your like me, then you need to visit Sears appliance showroom! You know Sears! They always have the top of the line....Everything!

Sears also has a huge selection of washers and dryers that will meet every budget! Just think, your Child has this huge tournament, Double Elimination and all that. Those kids play their heart out sliding to catch every ball or to beat the odds and make it to that home plate. I mean sweat, dirt, grass and who knows what else is ground into their what was once pristine white pants! Now how in the world are you, Mom, going to get those clothes back to a presentable state for when they go to the "last team standing" game!

Well, you make sure that you have an amazing laundry system to back you up! And you know you start at SEARS! It dosent matter if its your local hometown store or the online store, you will get great customer service, and a really good deal. Almost as if you had a family member working there! 

I have bought 2 Washers and 2 dryers from sears over the last 10 Years. No, nothing was wrong with the first set. We just moved and I thought it was a perfect time to get a new set. Hubby and I were both happy, I got a new washer/dryer, and He saved TONS of dough!

To get the best deals around, Just visit and pick out your favorite color and style of Washer and Dryer. Order it online or at your Hometown Showroom. I bet you will be surprised at how stylish they are and just maybe, It will make you feel that much better about keeping your athlete's clothes looking new!


A Note About Me: My name is Elizabeth and I live in North Alabama with my husband of 10 years, My 4 year old daughter and 6 month old son. We own and operate a large working poultry farm and Love every minute of it! Visit me on my blog Mommy Reviews where I do Honest and Real Product Reviews and Giveaways for "everything a mom needs".

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