Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back up and Running

I have been Missing In Action for a little while. However, I had been posting a few things to my other blog but now I can not get into it to view, transfer, or post. So it is almost like i am starting fresh back on this one. I am missing Tons of posts on this one and it looks as if i have not posted on here since August. That Does not make me happy. I had been waiting to hear back from someone, anyone! But, No answers, no help. Just my wonderful Blogger friends who have been trying to help. So I just gave up for a while. I have felt lost and out of place not posting, researching, reviewing, and interacting with y'all! I just want to say I'm sorry for not being here but with all the problems i have been having, A part of me just want to start over but then again, it took me such a long time to get to where my blog was before all the problems hit!

It wasn't just the Blogger/Blog Problems. I lost my Job in June due to Cutbacks. (I REALLY loved that job too!) but I found one a few weeks later (But Seriously HATED that one) only to loose it again to to closing. Dang you Crappy Economy!!!!!

My Computer also went down in November and It took me over a month to get it back (Grrrr!) I'm Trying to catch up, contact my contacts (hehehehe) reconnect with my blogger friends, twitter friends and Facebook Family and just find time between my Husband, Farm, and 2 Kids to blog.

I have a few things to review and I am trying to confirm about Giveaways as well but I will be posting on a few things Just to get you all some really great Info on some Really great products. (I'm so In Love with Purex right now! LOL)

Big Love to you all and Thank you for hanging in there.