Friday, December 31, 2010

Protect-A-Bed Luxury Pillow System- review and giveaway!

To start this post off, I just want to say I have had a few posts up and I guess they have not been showing up. One or two have but since I made a few changes to my blog, Only a few of my posts have been up. I would like to say how sorry I am to the sponsors and to my followers. I am doing everything in my power to make sure that NEVER happens again. I want all of you to know that I am an Honest, Hardworking Mother. That being said, Let the giveaway begin, Again!

I love to sleep. What person doesn't? However, us moms don't get to sleep as much as we would like. I have a 7 month old and a 4 year old. Now the 4 year old has been the best sleeper but my 7 month old, not so much. He sleeps about as much as a new puppy. Yeah, with the whining, and the waking up around 4 to 5 times a night. He has no teeth yet so no chewing on the furniture yet. LOL! So when I get the chance to go back to sleep, I want to be as comfy as possible. 

I have all kinds of pillows in my bed. (My poor husband) Oh how I love my Pillows! 

I had the chance to review the Luxury Pillow System  by Protect-a-Bed. When it came I was thrilled! My daughter who loves to steal my pillows quickly decided that it was for her. Sorry sister This one is for Mommy! 

Protect-A-Bed is a great company that started in South Africa under the name
SNUGFIT™. (That name was already taken in the U.S. so that's how they came up with Protect-A-Bed)
Protect-A-Bed is actually a Health product. It helps protect your bed from all kinds of things that make us sick like Bed Bugs and allergens that can Get in our mattress or pillow. They have tons of items to help, well Protect your bed! Items from regular mattress covers, crib protectors and yes you guessed it, Pillows! You can browse all the Items  Here. 

I am the type of person that when I find a good pillow, I stick to it. Yes, my pillows tend to be on the ragged side. Nope, I'm not going to throw them out. Or so I thought! I have to say one of my main pillows has now been replaced.  No, Pigs are not flying around although they should be. Ha! I really love this pillow. I mean L.O.V.E. this thing! It is large but not to large. Its soft but not too soft. It even came with extra stuffing that I can add to it if I need to make the pillow a little more firm. 

The first time I used the pillow, I was having one of those nights that my hands and legs hurt, my back hurt and i kept having to shake my hands and feet for some reason. I just couldn't get comfy! (I wound up on the couch that night.) But a few nights later, I decided to give it another go. It was like I was sleeping on a freaking cloud! I did  not need the extra stuffing. I made a very small pillow for my daughters dolls and stuffed that with the extra stuffing. I slept so good for the 2 hours at a time my baby lets me sleep. (ahhh the early years....) But those where the most restful 2 hours of sleep I've had in a long time!

So the pillow was a WINNER and the fact that it helps keep us safe and help keep us healthy all while helping this down right tired momma sleep is an amazing combination! 

Here is a bit of info on the pillow direct from the sponsor! 

"Protect-A-Bed’s Luxury Pillow System includes Protect-A-Bed’s new Luxury Pillow with a waterproof pillow protector. The Luxury Pillow features a microfiber filling, with the same comfort and feel of down, and a unique zipper closure that allows users to adjust the amount of filling to achieve exactly the right balance of height and firmness or softness to suit individual comfort levels.

The pillow protector has a soft and silky feel. It is hypoallergenic, waterproof, antibacterial and features Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane®, which ensures breathability and dust mite protection. The pillow protector also features the patent-pending Breathe-A-Vent™, a unique flap-covered vent that allows the pillow to breathe.

Valued at $99.99, The Luxury Pillow System is ideal for sensitive skin and healthy sleep environments and is the ultimate in pillow comfort."

Protect-A-Bed provided me with a Complimentary Luxury Pillow System for Trial. They are so great to
that they are going to give 2 of my readers one!
Here is how to enter:

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Here are a few rules:
Please do the tasks as stated in each entry. I will check and If I find that a contest entry comment is not completed by that task in that entry option, I will delete all comments by that person and they will NOT be eligible to win this contest. I have had such a problem with that the last few times. 
Make sure you leave your emial in each comment or atleast in a few of them. The best format to use is mgmommy0930(at)yahoo(dot)com. That way random spammers cant get your email and well, spam you!
If you have any questions please email me at the above email or tweet me @mgmommy0930.
Good Luck!
The 2 winners will be announced on Jan 9th. I will email the winners and they will have 48 hrs to respond with the requested information so I can pass it on to our sponsor. If any winner does not respond in that time frame a new winner(s) will be chosen where they will have the same amount of time to respond. 

Note: This was posted back in December but for some reason It never came up as for public reading. The contest should have been over by now so the only thing I changed in this post was the ending date. At the original time of this post, My son was 7 months old and has now turned 8 months old and has 2 bottom teeth in. No chewing on the Furniture yet but everything else is subject to be chewed on at this time. He really likes to get a hold of sissies toys. But that is another post all together. 

Disclaimer: I received a Product sent by Protect-A-Bed in order for me to do this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House, 5 winners of a $100 American Express Gift Card!

Wow! I could really use this and I'm sure you can too! My friend over at TTwo of a Kind has a huge Giveaway going on right now for a $100 American Express Gift Card! The best thing is, There will be 5 winners! We have been having a very hard time with money the last few months. I'm sure a few of you know that I went from making $2200 a month to about $400 a month a while back. Its tough around this time of year too with my kids. I want to get them things for Christmas but Its really not possible right now. They will have a gift or two waiting on them but nothing big. I really hope I get to win one! Go HERE to enter and please, Let me her know I sent you! Oh, and If you are a lucky winner let me know!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stock-N-Go Finally Launched!

YAY! Stockn'Go is Here! 

If you have been on Twitter, Then you may have seen people sending tweets out over the last few months about Stockn'Go and their web site. Well, the wait is OVER! StockN'Go is here! And to celebrate, They have teamed up with WishPot to give us a great Giveaway! The prize you ask? They are giving away a beauty gift basket (retail value over $250) filled with brand name beauty products. Now I don't Know about you but I have had a very rough year and I could totally use that! 

Its super easy to enter too! All you have to do is go Here. Read on for info on how to enter. Just let them know I sent you! Its that easy!!!!!

This giveaway is for a week only so hurry! And if you do win nothing would make me happier to know about it!

Friday, November 26, 2010

$75 Sears Gift Card Giveaway

Today, The Sears HTS Blog Listed me as their feature Blogger on their site! Please check out the post Here on their site and also Here on my site. That is so exciting for me! Sears HTS is Going to give one lucky reader a $75 Gift Card! I know that it will be a Huge help for Christmas shopping!

Here are a few things to know to enter the giveaway:

  1. Please make sure you leave your email or twitter handle in your comment(s)
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  4. Make sure to leave a comment for each entry.
  5. There is a mandatory entry which MUST be done or all other entries will not count. I will delete them.
  6. Please be fair! dont leave an entry comment if you didnt do the task. 
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This Giveaway will end on 12/6 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be chosen using

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to host this giveaway. Sears is sponsoring this giveaway because I was chosen to be a featured blogger on their Hometown Blog. Please visit my Disclosure page for more information.

Washer and Dryer Running Away?

Kids. Kids and sports. Kids, Husbands, and Sports. That is a combination that can make my washer and dryer want to sprout legs and RUN away! That and my husbands farm work! Think about it, kids already know how to get into every kind of mess there is and when you add sports to it, thats where you get the biggest mess!

Softball takes a huge toll on a Washer. You have that red clay dirt and those grass stains! I swear, I figure i'll never get that stuff out!
 If your like me, then you need to visit Sears appliance showroom! You know Sears! They always have the top of the line....Everything!

Sears also has a huge selection of washers and dryers that will meet every budget! Just think, your Child has this huge tournament, Double Elimination and all that. Those kids play their heart out sliding to catch every ball or to beat the odds and make it to that home plate. I mean sweat, dirt, grass and who knows what else is ground into their what was once pristine white pants! Now how in the world are you, Mom, going to get those clothes back to a presentable state for when they go to the "last team standing" game!

Well, you make sure that you have an amazing laundry system to back you up! And you know you start at SEARS! It dosent matter if its your local hometown store or the online store, you will get great customer service, and a really good deal. Almost as if you had a family member working there! 

I have bought 2 Washers and 2 dryers from sears over the last 10 Years. No, nothing was wrong with the first set. We just moved and I thought it was a perfect time to get a new set. Hubby and I were both happy, I got a new washer/dryer, and He saved TONS of dough!

To get the best deals around, Just visit and pick out your favorite color and style of Washer and Dryer. Order it online or at your Hometown Showroom. I bet you will be surprised at how stylish they are and just maybe, It will make you feel that much better about keeping your athlete's clothes looking new!


A Note About Me: My name is Elizabeth and I live in North Alabama with my husband of 10 years, My 4 year old daughter and 6 month old son. We own and operate a large working poultry farm and Love every minute of it! Visit me on my blog Mommy Reviews where I do Honest and Real Product Reviews and Giveaways for "everything a mom needs".

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Getting ready for Thanksgiving to me means planning the family meal, getting the house ready for decorating, and planning for BLACK FRIDAY! I love Black Friday! I usually go to the same stores but only plan to shop at one or 2. The other stores, such as Wal-Mart, the only reason I go to those stores is to "people" watch. And If I happen to be lucky enough to get a good deal then WOO-HOO!

I do try and make an action plan before I go. I tried a few years to just kinda go with the flow and see what I get and where I go but that never worked out so well. You know, Look at the ads, go to the stores web sites and also visit Consumer Search. Consumer Search is an award-winning Web site that helps consumers make informed shopping decisions. They analyze a mix of expert and user-generated product reviews and recommend the best products to buy based on their findings.

Here are a few things I do to get ready for the start of the Holiday shopping season, (AKA: Black Friday) As well as tips from Christine Frietchen, ConsumerSearch’s editor-in-chief from

  1. This is one that both Christine and I agree on:  Do your homework, many Black Friday circulars are leaked early online. will be analyzing leaked circulars from Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Lowes and more on our Productopia blog.  Some so-called door buster Black Friday deals aren’t worth getting in line early.
  2.  Check on the current price of Black Friday sale items. Sales circulars often tout “a $50 savings” but that’s off of the MSRP. The savings off the street price is usually much less dramatic. We found lots of items selling for the same or less right now – no waiting, no lines. Example: you can find some Items on for less than the black Friday in store prices at other stores. And you can already Shop the Black Friday prices Now!
  3. Check for reviews. Try, we analyze the best editorial and user reviews to create an easy-to-read report to make sure you love what you buy- we do all the research so you don’t have to.  You can also try a Google search for PRODUCT + Reviews. Also look at the store’s site, since most retailers allow customers to post reviews. Dont forget to check out your favorite review sites! You know you will always get a well thought out, Honest review. At times, A person who works for the company or store will go and write their own fake reviews just to get the ratings up. I have seen this on all types of Items but mostly on Phone applications. If your in doubt, Just ask your friends!
  4. See if there’s something better. We found this to be especially true with cameras and GPS: The product might be a good deal, and might even get decent reviews, but a much better product often costs the same or only $5 or $10 more for a much better gadget. Hey, just because its on sale on Black Friday dosen't mean that its the best one for the price out there. It just goes back to doing your homework. 
  5.  Set a spending limit. Leave the credit cards at home and bring cash so you HAVE to stick to your budget.  Don’t go shopping with your “spendy” sister or friend who tends to get caught up in the Black Friday excitement. You Really do need to stick yo your guns here. If you dont you are going to be like me about 6 years ago. Oh man its kinda funny. I go to get just some trees and decorations or whatever. I have NO plan. I didn't look at an add. I just GO! I had by best friend with me. She parked our Shopping cart in a strategic central location and I would weave my way in and out of the crowd and just Grabbed stuff! (She did have to go get the tree for me. I'm kinda a weenie). We had an amazing crazy fun time but I think we spent like $300 when I really didnt need all the stuff. 
I hope you all take the time and spend it with the family tomorrow. Thats what its all about really. Please be Careful when you are out on Friday. You know, Crazy people and all! 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Be truly Thankful for all you have.

I do love each and every one of you and I want you to know that I am Thankful for you all. 

With much LOVE,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caress Whipped Souffle Review and Giveaway Ends 11/19

This Giveaway now has a winner! Congrats to Barbara who said:
I'm now following Caress on twitter. Barbara
An email will be sent and she has 48 hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Out of 79 entries, came up with 15}
Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Keep watch because I have a huge "blog event" comming up with lots of giveaways!

Ok my dears, this is the first post using my new laptop! I'm so happy to have a computer that i can use for more than 20 min without it freezing up on me! To Celebrate, I have a few giveaways to get to! Here goes the first one!

Caress was so kind to provide me with my choice of the New Whipped Souffle body wash! I chose to try the Peach and it smells so good! I have always loved using Caress Products so I knew this would be great too.
The different thing about the Whipped Souffle is that you can feel the softness just sinking into your skin. You know that it isnt going to wash away when you rinse the soap off your body either. The smell is wonderful too. The Whipped Souffle comes in White Peach and Silk Blossom and Blackberry and Vanilla. Caress uses the new Unique Silky Fragrance Infusion to deliver the best experience possible.

I Couldn't pull a picture off their site to put on here but trust me, the packaging is so nice! Caress will also be offering a beautiful gift pack just in time for the Holidays! You can find them at major Retailers such as

This is one of the items I am adding into my "Must Give" Holiday Gift List!

Win it!  

One lucky reader will win a bottle of body wash and 1 (one) Beauty bar! 

*please leave a separate comment along with your email and/or Twitter id for each entry. 
* will be the program I use to choose the winner.
*The winner will be e-mailed and will have 48 hrs to respond or another winner will be picked. 
*PLEASE do not enter unless you want to win. I have had to choose an alternate winner on almost all my giveaways due to the first winner not resopnding to any emails or twitter messages I have sent. 
*If you think you may have won and don't see an email from me, check your junk mail or go ahead and add my email to your address book: mgmommy0930{at}yahoo{dot}com. 

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

This Giveaway will end on 11/19.

This entry is mandatory and must be done before any other entries will count!
1) Tell me what your favorite Bath product is! Don't Worry, It dosen't have to be by Caress!

2) Follow this blog on GFC. 

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6) Grab my button for your blog! (2 extra entries. Leave 2 separate comments. If you have a button "up for grabs" let me know so I can put yours up!) 

Disclaimer- Caress supplied me with one of the discussed items in order for me to do this review. I have in no other way been compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and this post has in no way been reviewed or altered by said company.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CSN Review

I know that many of you have heard of CSN. But for those of you who haven't, CSN Stores have so many items its crazy! They have everything from Dressers, to dining room chairs, kitchen items and great stuff for the Bathroom. CSN is made up of over 200 online stores and has something for everyone and every budget. 

I have a small farm house that is 2 bedrooms, one bathroom (yikes!) and a huge living-room that flows into the kitchen. With the new baby, there isn't enough rooms for us all! So my wonderful husband is building  on to our house. YAY! I'm getting a new Super Huge bedroom,  massive closet and a nice size laundry room along with a smaller bathroom. He says the bathroom is for "The Men". Never mind that the other "Man" is still only 5 months old! But I'm not complaining! This bedroom is HUGE! I have been looking for a few items to put in my new space and I don't think I will ever be able to decide on just a few things!

I saw this bench  and thought it would look great at the end of my bed! The addition to the house also means that we will have to furnish my sons room so I was looking at the kids area and I was so surprised to see that CSN also offers things such as Baby Carriers  and strollers. That Is GREAT! I saw this amazing, Beautiful Cradle. I don't need one as I already have one for the baby but all I can say is WOW! Look at how detailed this is! I wish I could have this! 
Green Frog Art Old World Cradle

I'm telling you, They have it all! I can't wait to browse this store some more to see what I can find! Christmas is comming up you know! Now i think i know just what to ask for: a new set of pots and pans! Yes, I got a new set about 3 years ago for Christmas but I love to cook and I, for some reason, think I must have a new set every few years! I MUST have this Rachael Ray set! I just love her!

Seriously, if your in the market for Anything at all, Stop by CSN first. They have all the top brands all in one place. They even offer free shipping on most items! Not in the market for a new bed? Just take a look and drool over what you might choose when you are!

*Disclosure* CSN Will provide me with a $35 E-Gift Code to use at my discretion for my review of the CSN site. All opinions are strictly my own and were in no way influenced by anyone other than myself. I was in no other way compensated for this review. For more information on my disclosure Policy Please Visit my Disclosure page.

*ENDED* Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Book/CD Giveaway

We have a WINNER! picked the winning comment, number 29-
Leandrea at Coupons Are Great said...
I follow YGG on facebook. They have the cutest pictures!
 Congratulations! An Email has been sent! She has 24 hours to respond to the email.
Thank you to everyone that entered!

I have to say, Yo Gabba Gabba is one of those childrens shows that are so great to teach often overlooked things such as standing in line, waiting your turn, no biting, and saying I'm sorry. My 4 year old girl and my 5 month old son really like the show. It has different parts to the show that all tie in together at the end which is great for little ones attention span (or Lack thereof). I know, I know I'm going to have people thinking "She shouldn't be letting her 5 month old watch TV!" Well guess what, I DO! He Really loves that show and it's a great way for me to be able to do things around the house or even read that magazine article i've been trying to read for a week. I've given up on books (tear) until I can put the baby down to play with out him screaming his head off! He thinks he MUST be held at all times and if not, well, he will LOUDLY let you know what he thinks of that!
Back to the reason of this post: Did you know that Yo Gabba Gabba is on Tour sponsored by Kia Sorento CUV? Yes!

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Tour

I think it is so great that they have gone on tour and even more excited that something like this is close to where I live! See, I live in Alabama and for the most part, any type of Tour just dosen't come even close to here. Thank goodness that I live just about 45 min North of Birmingham and that were are finally being seen as a "stopping place" for concerts and tours. Yo Gabba Gabba will hit Birmingham on October 19th (my little brothers 16th birthday!) and I am so excited to get to take my daughter to see it! To find out when the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Tour will be in your city click here.

 In addition to the tour, there is a great Sweepstakes going on!

 The prizes are great and will be a wonderful way to spend time with your family. Here is a little information on the contest:
The Cool Tricks Contest
"provides an opportunity for fans across North America to show-off their unique talents.  Gabba fans are invited to upload a :30-:60 second video demonstrating their Cool Trick to win the opportunity to receive a VIP Family 4 Pack and have their winning video played during intermission at the KIA Motors Presents YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE!: THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY! show closest to their hometown. All participants are also automatically entered into a sweepstakes where one lucky fan will receive a five night trip for four to the Caribbean or Mexico"
"In addition, each winner will also receive $100 worth of organic baby food, toddler, and lunchbox snacks and two “Party In My Lunchbox” Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! concert t-shirts from Revolution Foods and Plum Organics. Grand prize includes roundtrip air, Junior Suite accommodations, and all meals to a choice of Palladium Hotels & Resorts."

Wow! What a great big prize pack! Here is the Info you need to enter! Upload your "Cool Trick" to the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Facebook page Here (Official Rules are also available there.)
Cool Tricks begins on Wednesday, August 18 at 10AM EST and winners will be notified and announced prior to the show date in each local market.  The entry period for the grand prize sweepstakes will end on Sunday, Dec 12. 

Now for the fun part! I am so excited to be able to Host a giveaway for a Yo Gabba Gabba Prize pack!

1) Yo Gabba Gabba!, Party in My Tummy Book: Lift the flaps, sing along, and find out what everyone in Gabba Land is bringing to the party!

2) Yo Gabba Gabba!: Music is Awesome Volume 2: jam-packed with Super Music Friends & all of the songs you’ve grown to love including those from Weezer, MGMT & Jimmy Eat World.

Wow! You can also get a sampling of the record with a free download of our favorite Super Music Friends – Weezer’s track “All My Friends Are Insects” at
MUSIC IS AWESOME! VOLUME 2 is also be available digitally on all music services.  A deluxe edition with bonus tracks is now available for pre-order at iTunes (link below):

Here is how to enter to win! ***Please leave your email in your comments!l
1) Follow Yo Gabba Gabba on Twitter or Facebook. Leave me a comment below telling me which one you did.
2) Follow me Via GFC. Leave me a comment saying you did or you already do.
3) Post about the Cool Tricks Contest on your blog with a linkback to this post. Leave a link to your post. (3 Entries= 3 comments)
4) Visit the Yo Gabba Gabba  site and tell me what city you would like to see the show at!

Thats it! This Giveaway will end on 10/16 at 9pm CST. The winner will be chosen via random number Generator. The winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hrs to respond to that email or another winner will be chosen. 

Disclosure: I will receive 2 Tickets to the Show in Birmingham, AL for my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. For more information on my disclosure, Please visit my disclosure page. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BedHead Styling Review and Giveaway!

If you have hair that is anything close to mine, you have a hard time doing anything with it other than a pony-tail! I have some seriously fine, thin hair. OK, When my husband and I got married 10 years ago, I wanted a beautiful up-do with those defined curls (i guess they are called pin curls? lol) Well, I got the beautiful up-do with those curls-but it took an entire can of hairspray to do it!

From time to time, I use hot rollers, different size curling irons and such to try and get even the smallest wave in my hair. NOTHING! It just turns out to be a mess. One side is kinda nice. One side is just sad. I have had my hairdresser teach me how to do it, just in case I'm not doing it rite or something! I have even gone so far as to put 3 perms in my hair within a years time, just hoping that it will hold enough that win i do style/curl my hair, it will hold. NO LUCK!

Thank goodness for Bed Head! They have traditional styling products and tools but also tools. Yes, the specialty tools look very strange. But so interesting!

I was so excited to gave the chance to test/review a styling tool from Bed Head, I cant even tell you! I thought, "here is my chance to find something to style my hair with that actually works!". You all know their quality products that Bed Head offers from Ionic Dryers, Flat irons, traditional Curling irons to the new Specialty Tools. The product I tested is called "The Wave Artist".

Wave Artist

 When I opened the box I thought "Lord, I hope this works!" I honestly was going to wait until the next day to try it out because It came UPS and they run between 5:00 and 6:00 PM at my house. But I really couldn't wait! I just wanted to test part of my hair, just one little section!WOW! I just did the front parts of my hair and kind of held back the part I didn't do to get an idea of how it would look. I was so cute! It reminded me of how Taylor Swift does her hair, You know, those beautiful waves? So i just brushed my hair out thinking it would leave a very small wave like when you pull your hair back in a pony tail when its still damp. Uhhh...... NOPE! The defined waves stayed! Seriously?!?! MY hair actually held a wave? Never mind that it wasn't a full blown curl! I was so excited to wash my hair that night, Put some product in it, and try to do my hair with the Wave Artist the next day!
I watched the instruction video and prepared my hair that night. It said to use Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray, but I didn't have any so I just used my super mega helmet head spray I had on hand.
After I used the Wave Artist, my hair did look like Taylor Swift! I was very happy with how it looked.
I decided that the next time I used it, It would look even better! Its one of those things that takes a time or two to get just right. But all in all, I Loved It! Those great people over there also sent me 2 of their new head bands and some clips to fix my "Bed Head"! My 4 year old stole them....... But they were so cute! (My camera isn't working so i cant show you the the pictures i took of them)

The wonderful people at Bed Head are going to give one lucky reader their very own Wave Artist Styling Tool! Thanks Bed Head!

Can't wait to win? The Wave Artist is Available now at Ulta and Amazon. Just click Here
How to win: The mandatory entry MUST be done or all other entries will not count.
 *NOTE* Please Make sure you leave your email address or your twitter handle so I can let you know if you win. (Leave your email in this form so that you don't get spammed! mgmommy0930(at)yahoo(dot)com) Also, Leave a comment for each entry.

Mandatory: Visit Bed Head  and tell me what you would love to have out of everything they offer! 

Extra Entries: 
  1. Follow this blog via GFC
  2. Like Bed Head on Facebook 
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Follow Bead Head on Twitter
  5. Post my button on your blog (make sure to leave a link!) 2 entries-2 comments 
That's it! This contest will end Sunday, October 10th at 9 PM CST Where a winner will be chosen by random draw. The winner will have 24 hours after receiving the notification email/tweet to reply or another winner will be chosen. This has happened in 2 of my giveaways already, so PLEASE if you want the product enter. If you dont, want it, give everyone else a fair chance

*Disclosure* I was given one Wave Artist Styling Tool in order to do this review. I was in no way paid for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Results and Satisfaction may vary from person to person. For more information on my Disclosure, Please visit my disclosure page. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Need YOU to Pick The Prize!

WoW! I have a secret! I soooo want to tell you but....I'm not gonna! 
See, here is the deal, I have some AMAZING Giveaways coming up in the next few weeks and one of them, we cant decide what to giveaway! So.......I want you to tell me: If i were to do a giveaway for some Fantastic makeup, what would YOU like to win? Would it be for EYES, Base, Lips, What!?!? 
Please leave me a comment here telling me what it would be. It can be whatever! The makeup type that gets the most comments left will be chosen (or at least included) for the prize! 
Ho-Ho! I'm also going to turn this into a contest! 

The person who refers the most new GFC followers Will get 10 bonus entries into the Giveaway! If the winner refers 20 or more people to follow, I will throw in another 10 entries, but you can save them for the next 3 giveaways! (you can use them in only one!) TRUST ME! You will want those extra ones for the upcoming giveaways I have!

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 Thanks for all of your help so far and I promise, there will be more from me in the next few weeks. I have a super old computer and can only use it for about 20 min before it starts to freeze on me! I'm trying my hardest to get a laptop but When your a poor farmer like we are, money is impossible to come by! (hey, anyone want to donate a broken down computer/laptop to me? I have a great friend who programs them and fixes em for me for free! But first, I need one for him to fix! LOL!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

iPad Giveaway from Rock'N Learn!

Here is just a little contest i thought you guys might like! Enter to win an iPad! Its super easy, all you need to do is enter your name and email! Thats it! The winner will be announced on September 30th (also my 10 year wedding anniversary!) WOW! Wouldn't that be a great gift for me!
Good luck you guys and PLEASE, let me know if you win! I would be beyond happy to know that!

"Rock ‘N Learn recently announced a contest on their website that I thought your readers might
be interested in.  To celebrate the
launch of their iPad application, they’ll be giving away an iPad!  The contest is easy to enter – all it takes
is submitting your name and email address."
Thanks for the info

Thursday, September 9, 2010

*Ended* Stride Everyday Pantie Review and Giveaway

Here is something for us Moms.
Yes, its a subject we don't really talk about but if you know me, I'm not scared to! You know how things just are not the same after having kids? Your top is lower and your lower is well, lets just say not the same. I'm sure you are all just dying to hear this but after my first child, I always had to keep a box of pantyliners in the house. And Since I had my Mason in April, not only do I make sure I have them here, I have to use them! Seriously though, unless you are a freak, nothing is the same after kids! (OK! I'm half freak! I promise I'm not trying to brag or rub anything in, but I was back to Pre-baby weight around 9 weeks later. But I've always been super tiny!)

I had the great pleasure to try out a new innovative pantie, Stride Everyday.

These panties are so fashionable, so COMFORTABLE and just all around amazing! What it is: its a pantie with a built in pantie liner that will last for around 100 washes. Yep, a built in pantie liner! Look, I don't know about you but i really don't like wearing liners. They feel huge, making me feel like I'm wearing a diaper along with the baby! They can move around and to tell you the truth, I'm afraid at times that its going to come off and like turn up down by my shoe! Crazy I know but that's the way I feel at times. Here is a little on how this works. They have this super neat thing called OQUOS Technology (see below)

 It wicks away moisture, Absorbs and Deodorizes. Its also water proof so you don't have to worry about that "yucky" feeling. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! Ha-Ha!

From the moment I opened my package and took them out, I knew that it was going to be a great test process. I loved the feel of the fabric, and the look of the pantie. The liner part kind of looks like a swimsuit bottom. There was no crinkly sound or anything like that. So I washed them, Dried them and put those suckers on. Yes, I went and looked in the mirror, and Yes I thought I looked pretty dang hot in 'em! So just to make sure, I went and showed my husband. (He is the type of man that isn't afraid to tell me if something doesn't look that great on me) He even thought they looked great!  I really wish i had a few more pairs so i WILL be ordering me a few more.

French Cut Brief
Sport Bikini

Lacy Thong

These Panties are not just a regular Ho-Hum pantie. They are very sexy! They are available in many different colors, and styles. I think they get a double take thumbs up!

Listen Girls, the founder of Stride, Wendy Spencer, has got to be proud of herself! She has come up with an amazingly functional, comfortable and sexy solution to the problems most of us face.  This is a perfect example of another mom having a problem and finding a solution! You know how awesome that is to me! Read more about her journey Here! Another reason for celebration from Wendy and the rest of the Stride team is this:
Stride has been named "Editors Pick" in the September Issue of Shape Magazine! Wow! That is such a great accomplishment! Way to go Stride! 
That is so amazing! Here is something almost as amazing (close!) Stride is giving one of my readers a chance to try out these new undies for free! Cant wait? As a thank you for taking the time to read and learn about this company, Stride is giving all my readers a Special discount code! Make sure to use this at check out for Free shipping on orders over $30.  This offer will expire on November 30th. Just use "MOMMY0930".

 Here is what you need to do to win: Complete the mandatory entry. I WILL Check so If its not done, all extra entries will be deleted. Please people, lets keep this fair! Make sure to leave a comment for each entry. I need to know how to contact you so either leave your email or your twitter handle so I can get ya!

Mandatory: Visit Stride and tell me what you would choose if you won! Color, style all that!

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Make a purchase (hey use the discount code!) and give yourself 10 entries! Good Job!

Please make sure you check back in the next few days as I will be adding at least 2 more entry options to this list.

This Giveaway will end on September 25th at 9 pm CST. The winner will be chosen by and will be either emailed or sent a Direct message on twitter. The winner will have 24 hrs to respond or a new winner will then be chosen.

Disclosure: I received a product sample in order to do a review on this item. I was in no way, shape or form otherwise paid or compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and were in now way influenced by anyone else. Results and satisfaction may vary depending on the individual and situation.

I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place.Get more information on this by visiting them here!  Let them know where you found them (i.e. HERE!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fined For Having A Clothes Line?

Yes, I get People Magazine. I enjoy reading the stories in there and keeping up to date on the new fashions and such. If you havent ever read it, they have more than just what the "Stars" are up to.

I was flipping through the magazine the other day and saw this article "Dividing Lines". Basically, this story is about a family that decided to "go low-tech." and use less energy by hanging her clothes out on a line in her back yard. I see no problem with this, I do it often in the summer and sometimes in the winter! Here is a little snipit from the article:
                 "Last May her homeowners' association threatened legal action for breaking an HOA rule. Brensinger's husband, Terry, a minister, says they weren't aware of a no-clothesline rule."

                  "Even as more people look for ways to go green or save money, one of the easiest-hanging out the wash the way Grandma used to do-is coming under fire. "You
hear,'Idon't want to look at your underwear' a lot, but dryers use a tremendous abount of energy,' says Alex Lee, founder of Project Laundry List, which supported the recent passage of right-to-dry lawas in five states."

Another family in Oregon has come under fire for hanging their clothes out stating that during the night, their clothes line has been cut in the middle of the night. Twice! That sounds like trespassing and destruction of personal property to me! They were also fined $1000 by their HOA! What!?!? As far as I can tell, the couple who's Line was cut, have a wooded back yard and should't really be seen from the road or anything like that.
 I personally think this is just a stupid rule. But I also live in the country so I can do what I want.

But seriously, fined $1000 for hanging your clothes out to dry? Saving precious energy? Saving huge amounts of money each year? Thats just crazy! These people had no idea that they were breaking a rule.
And the main reason the HOA gives for not alllowing people to hang clothes out? "Many boards hold the view that clotheslines could affect curb appeal and property values". Whatever.

I could go on for days about this. Honestly I read this on Saturday and have been thinking about this for 2 days. I want to know what you think! Do you have a "rule" in your area like this? Do you hang your clothes out? I think I am going to look this law up and see what I can do to support the Right-to-dry laws!

Disclosure: I was in NO WAY compensated to write this post. I did this post of my own free will because I was outraged on how these people were treated by trying to same some money! You can go to People Magazine for the entire article.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

UPrinting Business Cards/Blogger Cards GIVEAWAY!

PrintingThis is super neat! Have you ever thought you would really need a "card"? Think about it, your standing in line at the Post Office or at the Grocery store or even *gasp* Wal-Mart! You start talking to another mom about random things and the subject of, say, your blog or your kids dance lessons or even your sons play group. OK, so it seems like this person your talking to is really nice and you want her to be able to contact you again for more information on said subject. Go to your purse/diaper bag. Out of all that junk crap very useful items you keep crammed neatly placed in there you cant find a freaking piece of paper to write down your number, email, or blog address! (This sounds like an everyday thing for me. My bag is about as messy as that dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen.)

Enter UPrinting!

 They have some of the cutest cards i've ever seen! And just think, keeping a card with your information on it is a stylish, quick and impressive way to give that random stranger useful information. You know you want more people to visit your blog, why not have a way to just hand out your site information?
UPrinting has so many different designes, fonts and colors to choose from. They dont only do cards either. You can get envelopes, calendars, greeting cards, and so much more. The cards dont just have the square corners either. I think one thing i like most about them is that you can get rounded corners. Now that is way more modern than what people are used to.

I have a great giveaway for you guys! 
 One Lucky reader will win Their choice of 250 Die Cut Business Cards! (using the options below)
2 x 3.5”, 2 x 2” (square card) or 1.75 x 3.5” (slim card)
Die cutting options available: Rounded Corners, Leaf, Rounded One-Corner, Half-Circle Side, Circle
Paper Type: 14pt Cardstock Gloss, Matte, or High Gloss; 13pt Cardstock Uncoated       
Color: 4Color Front, Blank Back; 4Color Front, Black Back; 4Color Both Sides            

This Giveaway is Limited to US residents only  18 years old and above

Manditory entry: Visit UPrinting and leave comment telling me what design you would choose!

Extra entries:

  1.  Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect
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Make sure you leave your email in your comments so I can contact you if you win!

Disclosure: I will recieve a set of 250 cards for doing this post. All opionins are my own. I was in now other compensated for this post. For more information on my disclosure policy, please visit my Disclosure page.

This Giveaway will end on Tues September 14th at 9PM CST

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*ENDED* Chushie Pushie Nursing Support Pillow Review and Giveaway!

So we got you covered on the "leaky" side of nursing so how about the support side? Sit back 'cause here we go!

I'm nursing my second child now and things are a little different this time around. Isn't that just the way it goes? You think "Hey I've done this once already! Its going to be so easy this time!" Ummm, NOPE! This time around, my son was an amazing champ latching on Properly the very first time! WooHoo! But I found that I needed a bit more support than last time. You know, the kind of support that our poor, not the same size, not in the same spot, boobies need! Yeah, I said it! LOL!

I have my 4 year old daughter to take care of too! With the second child, there is more to do at one time. You have to sometimes eat while nursing, in my case brush long blond hair, play with dolls or read a book. I needed my hands free. At least one! So that meant I needed support for the breast he was nursing from so i didnt have to hold it. But I never found a pillow that supported just the breast. There are "position" Pillows and the like but seriously, I knew that I needed something different I just didnt know what. I had never seen something JUST for breast support. I needed a helper to help me!

I have had the great pleasure to try out Cushie Pushie Nursing Pillows and The result is, I love 'em! They are just the right size, Comfy and just super cute! See, They are designed to be placed under the Breast that you are nursing off of, so that it supports and lifts leaving your hand free to do other things! Now as all us moms know, that is just what we need!

Now just look at how cute that is! And its got just the right combination of softness and firmness.
They come in super cute patterns and yes, even organic ones are available! Here are just a few of them:

Chocolate Cupcake Flannel
Polka Dots on White
Moo Momma!

                    There are so many cute ones to choose from! And using this pillow is really easy. There is a wrong and a right way to use them but there are instructions included as well as a How To Use  section on the site.
I think one of the things I like the most about this is the fact that the Creator, Lois Whittaker, had the same problems I was talking about! This is the whole reason Cushie Pushie exists!
Here is a little bit more about the pillow from her site: 

"The Cushie Pushie Breastfeeding Pillow is made for breastfeeding mothers by a mother.  It is a pillow designed to help you gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding.  This breastfeeding pillow pushes your breast upward in order to allow easy latching by your nursing baby, while maintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding. By keeping the breast pushed up, it also frees one of your hands from continually holding your breast while breastfeeding. This is particular helpful if you are busy breastfeeding mom who is continually multi-tasking, even while nursing. And who isn't?"

Now thats What I'm Talking about! A REAL mom with REAL problems who came up with a REAL CUTE SOLUTION!  (And just so I can be true to my form, be warned that i'm about to go off in a slightly random but still related to the subject direction)  This is what I love about mom products. They take a real problem that the big companies dont think they have a big enough market to make money and they come up with a solution. See, While im sure the moms would love to make money off the products they come up with, the first thing they want to do is help other moms so they dont have to, well have a problem! Their main goal is to help. Help the first time moms. Help the "seasoned" moms. They are doing what they do so they can help. Now, i'm not sure about you but I would rather do my business with someone who really cares. And I'm not saying that purchasing something from a "Mom" business will cost more but some times  it does and sometimes the items are surprisingly affordable!  The Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow is so affordable. And She dosent just make the Pillows. Here are just a few things: 
Gift Basket

This has to be my favorite thing! I will be ordering this in the tote bag!
There is something for mom and baby here so make sure you look at all of it! The "Eat at Mom's" is hilarious! 

Guess what?!?! You can win your own Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow! (excluding the organic item) This giveaway is open to the U.S and Canada only.
Here is how to enter:

Mandatory Entry:  This must be done first before all other entries. I will check so please, play fair! Leave me a comment saying what you like best about this pillow or a little "dinner time" story about your little one! (1entry) also, Like Cushie Pushie on Facebook   (1 entry)  Total of 2 entries

Extra Entries! Remember to leave a comment for each entry. Also, Please make sure you leave your email for me so I can let you know if you win! 

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This Giveaway will end on Sunday, September 12th at 9:00 pm CST.

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The last giveaway had such a great response that i am trying very hard to get more new and fun items to review and giveaway. They wont always be about breast feeding though! Thanks for your support and remember: the bigger this blog gets, the more prizes I can giveaway!

DISCLOSURE: I received 1 (one) Cushie Pushie breast support pillow to try out in order to do this review. I was in no way otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. For more information, please see my disclosure page.