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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Need YOU to Pick The Prize!

WoW! I have a secret! I soooo want to tell you but....I'm not gonna! 
See, here is the deal, I have some AMAZING Giveaways coming up in the next few weeks and one of them, we cant decide what to giveaway! So.......I want you to tell me: If i were to do a giveaway for some Fantastic makeup, what would YOU like to win? Would it be for EYES, Base, Lips, What!?!? 
Please leave me a comment here telling me what it would be. It can be whatever! The makeup type that gets the most comments left will be chosen (or at least included) for the prize! 
Ho-Ho! I'm also going to turn this into a contest! 

The person who refers the most new GFC followers Will get 10 bonus entries into the Giveaway! If the winner refers 20 or more people to follow, I will throw in another 10 entries, but you can save them for the next 3 giveaways! (you can use them in only one!) TRUST ME! You will want those extra ones for the upcoming giveaways I have!

Here is what to do: Be a GFC follower then,
  1. Leave me a comment telling me what type of makeup you would like to win (it can be ANYthing. If you want a "sample pack" say so!)
  2. Tweet, post on Facebook, Blog, whatever way you want to have your friends vote/comment and also follow. But make sure they say in their comment YOU sent them and that they follow.
Please, Leave your email so I can let you know if you win the extra entries. 

 Thanks for all of your help so far and I promise, there will be more from me in the next few weeks. I have a super old computer and can only use it for about 20 min before it starts to freeze on me! I'm trying my hardest to get a laptop but When your a poor farmer like we are, money is impossible to come by! (hey, anyone want to donate a broken down computer/laptop to me? I have a great friend who programs them and fixes em for me for free! But first, I need one for him to fix! LOL!)


  1. You won an award on my blog!! Check it out here!!

  2. I would like to have some foundation or eyeshadow!

  3. I tweeted

  4. I am a GFC and I think it would be really cool to have the eye brow kit from benefit!

  5. I tweeted my id is @Avonlady02 email is starsmile476 at gmail dot com