Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanks a Million!

I'm up at 4 am for a reason: My sweet little baby boy likes to keep momma up all the time and I have to work today so I decided to stay up. No point in going back to bed i guess. But since i'm up and all, I wanted to tell you guys, Thank You! Thank You for joining me on my Blog! Its not much yet but as most of you other bloggers know, In order to do more giveaways, we must have more followers and readers! So Thanks a Million to my New followers! I cant do this without you. And to tell the truth, I dont want to do this without you! So please, Tell your friends to come on over, check me out and if they like it here in my world of mixed up mommy-ness to join me too! I have 2 Giveaways comming up very very soon! At least one of them will go live here in the next day or so. So you sexy mommas you, keep your eyes out for them!

Also, If you follow me on Google Friend and I'm not following you, Tell me! I would love to support you site!

And for now, that is all. I must get ready for work. BOO!

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