Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*ENDED* Chushie Pushie Nursing Support Pillow Review and Giveaway!

So we got you covered on the "leaky" side of nursing so how about the support side? Sit back 'cause here we go!

I'm nursing my second child now and things are a little different this time around. Isn't that just the way it goes? You think "Hey I've done this once already! Its going to be so easy this time!" Ummm, NOPE! This time around, my son was an amazing champ latching on Properly the very first time! WooHoo! But I found that I needed a bit more support than last time. You know, the kind of support that our poor, not the same size, not in the same spot, boobies need! Yeah, I said it! LOL!

I have my 4 year old daughter to take care of too! With the second child, there is more to do at one time. You have to sometimes eat while nursing, in my case brush long blond hair, play with dolls or read a book. I needed my hands free. At least one! So that meant I needed support for the breast he was nursing from so i didnt have to hold it. But I never found a pillow that supported just the breast. There are "position" Pillows and the like but seriously, I knew that I needed something different I just didnt know what. I had never seen something JUST for breast support. I needed a helper to help me!

I have had the great pleasure to try out Cushie Pushie Nursing Pillows and The result is, I love 'em! They are just the right size, Comfy and just super cute! See, They are designed to be placed under the Breast that you are nursing off of, so that it supports and lifts leaving your hand free to do other things! Now as all us moms know, that is just what we need!

Now just look at how cute that is! And its got just the right combination of softness and firmness.
They come in super cute patterns and yes, even organic ones are available! Here are just a few of them:

Chocolate Cupcake Flannel
Polka Dots on White
Moo Momma!

                    There are so many cute ones to choose from! And using this pillow is really easy. There is a wrong and a right way to use them but there are instructions included as well as a How To Use  section on the site.
I think one of the things I like the most about this is the fact that the Creator, Lois Whittaker, had the same problems I was talking about! This is the whole reason Cushie Pushie exists!
Here is a little bit more about the pillow from her site: 

"The Cushie Pushie Breastfeeding Pillow is made for breastfeeding mothers by a mother.  It is a pillow designed to help you gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding.  This breastfeeding pillow pushes your breast upward in order to allow easy latching by your nursing baby, while maintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding. By keeping the breast pushed up, it also frees one of your hands from continually holding your breast while breastfeeding. This is particular helpful if you are busy breastfeeding mom who is continually multi-tasking, even while nursing. And who isn't?"

Now thats What I'm Talking about! A REAL mom with REAL problems who came up with a REAL CUTE SOLUTION!  (And just so I can be true to my form, be warned that i'm about to go off in a slightly random but still related to the subject direction)  This is what I love about mom products. They take a real problem that the big companies dont think they have a big enough market to make money and they come up with a solution. See, While im sure the moms would love to make money off the products they come up with, the first thing they want to do is help other moms so they dont have to, well have a problem! Their main goal is to help. Help the first time moms. Help the "seasoned" moms. They are doing what they do so they can help. Now, i'm not sure about you but I would rather do my business with someone who really cares. And I'm not saying that purchasing something from a "Mom" business will cost more but some times  it does and sometimes the items are surprisingly affordable!  The Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow is so affordable. And She dosent just make the Pillows. Here are just a few things: 
Gift Basket

This has to be my favorite thing! I will be ordering this in the tote bag!
There is something for mom and baby here so make sure you look at all of it! The "Eat at Mom's" is hilarious! 

Guess what?!?! You can win your own Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow! (excluding the organic item) This giveaway is open to the U.S and Canada only.
Here is how to enter:

Mandatory Entry:  This must be done first before all other entries. I will check so please, play fair! Leave me a comment saying what you like best about this pillow or a little "dinner time" story about your little one! (1entry) also, Like Cushie Pushie on Facebook   (1 entry)  Total of 2 entries

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The last giveaway had such a great response that i am trying very hard to get more new and fun items to review and giveaway. They wont always be about breast feeding though! Thanks for your support and remember: the bigger this blog gets, the more prizes I can giveaway!

DISCLOSURE: I received 1 (one) Cushie Pushie breast support pillow to try out in order to do this review. I was in no way otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. For more information, please see my disclosure page.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Big Boy and Silly Girl

My son turned 4 months old yesterday. I know, Its not the same as turning 1 or any other milestone age but to me every month, week, or day is another step closer to the age when I have the wonderful privilege of hearing "no!" or a smart remark or comment come out of his sweet mouth. See, I have a 4 year old princess. Oh boy is she a Princess! Right down to her rotten toes! Sometimes I think if I put a pea under her mattress, she would be able to feel it! Now don't get me wrong: my Macayla is the sweetest, most caring, and polite child I've ever met. I'm not saying that just because I'm her mom. I promise, she ALWAYS says please and thank you. Yes 'mam and No sir. She has never ever gotten up in a public area and just ran around. She does as she is told and with a beautiful smile on her face. And then she comes home...... Totally reverse all that I have said and there you have my little girl. HAHA! Isn't that how it goes? No, she really isn't that bad at home but she does whine quite a bit. So much in fact, we Started a reward chart and had to put "No Whining?" as one of the spots. Hey, anyway we can tone it down even an ounce is worth it!

But back to the boy. He is so 180 from his "sissy" its unreal. Macayla was sleeping through the night by 2 months old. Mason, well he wakes every 2-3 hours during the night and really doesn't sleep/nap during the day. That is, unless Daddy is home with him. Then its 2-3 hour naps 2 times a day. Now I feel like whining! NOT FAIR!!! I have gotta say, I'm freaking tired!

But how in the world can 2 children, born from the same womb, by the same parents, starting out the same way, be so incredibly different! That's just life I guess.

So, at what point did you think, my goodness my child is growing up? When did they get to be so big? How can I come up with a way to keep them this way forever? I'm sure if I figured that out, I would be able to buy diapers without using at least 2 coupons while their on sale. Not that I still wouldn't but you get the idea.

I love my babies. Just the way they are. Because that first smile, that first open mouth, drool filled, nasty kiss; that first time she walks up to you in the middle of her playing some random game and says "Hey mom? I love you. Your the bestest mommy in the whole world." Its all worth it. Totally, completely worth every second.

Is there anything you are most looking forward to or you miss the most? Share your sweetest baby story! I really love to read those the best!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanks a Million!

I'm up at 4 am for a reason: My sweet little baby boy likes to keep momma up all the time and I have to work today so I decided to stay up. No point in going back to bed i guess. But since i'm up and all, I wanted to tell you guys, Thank You! Thank You for joining me on my Blog! Its not much yet but as most of you other bloggers know, In order to do more giveaways, we must have more followers and readers! So Thanks a Million to my New followers! I cant do this without you. And to tell the truth, I dont want to do this without you! So please, Tell your friends to come on over, check me out and if they like it here in my world of mixed up mommy-ness to join me too! I have 2 Giveaways comming up very very soon! At least one of them will go live here in the next day or so. So you sexy mommas you, keep your eyes out for them!

Also, If you follow me on Google Friend and I'm not following you, Tell me! I would love to support you site!

And for now, that is all. I must get ready for work. BOO!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Love A Good TWITTER Par-tay!

Blogmania bloggers are all about building relationships -between our blogs, our cherished readers, the online community and business owners. We value each other's opinion as we all are endeavoring to make the best
choices for our home life. So it seemed natural to partner up with The LaneReal Estate Team and Breebee's blog to bring you our first ever twitter and blog blast party. The Lane RealEstate Team is all about building relationships through communities - specializing in Kennewick Homes for Sale. And Bree is a blogger - and a mom - trying to think outside of the box and help build community ties in NW ColumbusOH via her Macaroni Kid event website! Our other twitter party sponsors also offer items to help strengthen and maintain relationships - from stationary to hand stamped sentiments.

Our Party Theme: "Building toward Blogmania with The Lane Real Estate
Team" [http://www.joelane.com/]

Info on the Blog Blast:

If you post on your blog(s) our announcement between now and the twitter party
you will be entered to win $100 cash. If we reach 500 blogs there will be two additional $50 drawings, totaling 3 winners!

You can email me, breejanderson@gmail.com or blogmaniapr@gmail.com for the HTML code for blog(s) links and some posting specific OR ask the post owner for info and that blog owner will provide you an HTML code.

Please return with your specific blog post links on Bree's Blog, under her
Twitter Party PAGE tab.

Info on the Twitter Party:

Aug 22, 9:30-10:30pm, Sunday, EST we will party!

There is a custom tweet grid (if you want it) and a linky for early RSVP. RSVP'ing early also enters you into special drawings. You do not have to RSVP to tweet and win but the 'extra' will not be available.

You can win both the blog blast and at the
twitter party!

RSVP at BreeBee's

{Breebee's sent me this post to re-post, would you like to repost for the chance to win $100? Ask me for the code; anyone you refer to post will gain you an extra entry into the drawing}

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogging-Who knew it was this much fun!

I just wanted to put up a little something about my thoughts on blogging. I have come to the conclusion that it is lots of fun! When I get a chance that is. I feel bad about not being able to post as much as I do but my computer is nearly ancient! I got it as a birthday gift from my (at the time) new husband in 2001! So this thing is super-duper old! Another thing that keeps me from posting as much as I would like is my 3 month old boy and my 4 year old girl. They think that if momma is home, Momma should be paying attention to them and only them!
But even with all that, I have met some great people through blogging and for that, I am grateful! Even as we speak, My little Mason is looking at me in his bouncy chair and starting to "fuzz up". And after picking him up and placing his cute little chubbyness in my lap, He is very happy to sit here and chew on his fist. He is teething. Joy.

So, anyone have any Ideas about a good topic to post about? How about this, You pick a topic, leave it in your comment and when we have say 10 or so, we will pick one. Have a series or something.

Leave me a comment and ask your Friends to as well!

Much love from this crazy mom in Alabama!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

**Closed** Bamboobies Nursing Pads: Review And Giveaway!


As moms, we know how uncomfortable the first few days are after having our precious babies. We are exhausted from the birth its self, we may have a few stitches or even have had a C-Section. That's not to mention the steady stream of family and friends coming and going Waiting for their turn to hold the new blessing! The last thing you want is to worry about are those itchy, uncomfortable disposable nursing pads that slip around no matter how much adhesive is on there! Thankfully, there is a wonderful product called "Bamboobies"! They are these amazingly Soft, comfortable, Reusable  nursing pads. Designed by a Mom of 2, Bamboobies are the result of an necessity! These are wonderful for Before baby, those first days after birth, and If you choose to Breastfeed (yay!) for as long as you choose to do so! Read her story here: 

Here are the Regulars, Front and back

The overnights. Trust me SO SOFT!!

I received the overnight pads and regular pads to try. And all I can say is WOW!!! The overnights are so soft and comfy! My 3 month old son wakes up every 2 hours or so to nurse (yes still! Bless my heart) so on that rare occasion that he sleeps longer, I tend to have a "damp" problem! I never had to change my shirt, or worried about changing my disposable pads in the middle of the night with Bamboobies

This will give you an idea of the size of the Regulars

The Regulars are so cute, shaped like hearts! They surprised me on how absorbent they are compared to how thin they are. Why Heart shaped you ask? Well, I'm not going to tell you! (its going to be part of the giveaway entries!) I really want to tell you everything about these but I'm not. You should really visit her site and look around. There is all kinds of info on there. One of the best things about Bamboobies, is that part of each purchase is donated to Breast Cancer Research. Now that is a great Thing!

The Creator of Bamboobies, Kerry is super sweet~ She is giving all of my readers a discount on them! Use the code  MGM20 for 20% off~ Thanks Kerry!

So on to the fun part!!! WIN A PAIR OF BAMBOOBIES!

There is  a 2-pair pack of either kind just waiting to be sent out! The winner gets to pick either the regular or the overnights! Now even if you don't need them, I bet a new mom or mom to-be would be happy to get them as a gift from you!

Here is what you need to do:

Mandatory entry: (must be done before any other entry will count) *~NOTE~* please make sure you leave a comment for each entry and that your email is visible so I can let you know if you win!

1) Visit Bamboobies and tell me something you learned about them! Make sure you also tell me what kind you would like to win! (This must be done first! 1 entry leave a comment!)

2) Follow my blog Via Google Friend Connect (located on the right side of this page. (2 Entry's, 2 comments)

3) Follow me on twitter. @mgmommy0930 (1 entry)

4) Tweet about this giveaway. Make sure to leave a link. (Can be done 2 times a day. Leave a comment for each)

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So that's it! This giveaway will end on Sunday, August 29th at 9pm Central time. The Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected. A winner will be selected by random.org.

*DISCLAIMER* I received a pair of Regular and Overnight pads in order to do this review. Opinions expressed are my own and I was in no other way compensated for this review. For more information about my disclosure policy, please visit my disclosure page.
Open to the US only .